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At the moment


The club consists of 17 active members and 11 inactive members.


who we are

  • An airsoft club from Luxembourg called Sigma6 Tactical Training Association Luxembourg.

  • An Asbl that was founded in 2014

  • Consists of active and inactive members.

  • We specialize in tactical terrain and urban combat.

  • We meet as often as possible each month to improve our tactics or just to play with others.

  • We hold a general meeting every year.

  • We play with responsibility and discipline.

  • We respect our teammates, other players, and the nature around us.

  • We abide by the laws and respect the rules on the playing fields

About Us

Since 2014, Sigma6 has been finding and engaging the best players in Luxembourg. From honing their skills to theoretical foundations, we pride ourselves on teaching not only the love of the game, but also instilling ideals of team spirit and loyalty.

Sigma6 has made a name for itself as the best team in Luxembourg since 2018. Our experienced coaches train our team to success. We are team players and always have a good time together. Check out our calendar so you don't miss any upcoming games or trial training sessions to become part of our team.




“The secret of success is to start.”

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